Olympia Janitorial is a hard working  family run local business that started in 2002 as a floor company. As the years went on, we advanced so fast into the commercial industry that before long all of the floor customers were either hiring us for their commercial janitorial services or referring us to their friends and families who had a business. We took our time in choosing the right companies to do business with and didn't attempt to try and get to big to quick. We turned down accounts that were just to large for our capabilities at the time. We went through a lot of growing pains along the way. It has all been worth it. Hard work truly does pay off. We are proud of who we have become and we continue to grow and learn and advance. Thinking big but acting small. We have no desire to compete with huge companies that have been around for 40 years. We are not even in that capacity nor do we desire to be. You get to big and it leaves a lot of loopholes, mistakes, and we believe firmly that individual customer attention lacks at a very large size at that point. YOU NO LONGER MATTER to them, because you can be replaced. 

Its that type of thinking we will never ever allow. YOU WILL ALWAYS MATTER TO US.

We are NOT a big box name brand nationwide firm. We are NOT backed by millions of dollars for advertising and unlimited growth opportunities from a chain name subsidiary.

We spent many months perfecting a solid infrastructure, though smaller in size then our competitors~ we wanted a tightly run ship. We spent money we worked hard for on important things rather then commercials or radio adds. Things that mean a world of difference in the long run like:

Back ground checking systems for staff

Finger printing programs

OSHA safety training's

Blood Borne Pathogens Trainings

Quality chemicals (Green upon request)

and so much more..

We aren't  the largest, we aren't even well known to the competition, we don't advertise, and we are selective in who we work together with so as to maintain the perfect matching of staff and customers.  We take time in choosing what staff will go into each facility because that to is important. Our company has a strong business minded base. We would like to show you just how much more different we are. There are just so many ways we ensure your happiness and reward you for your loyalty to us. We believe customer retention comes from satisfaction in dollars spent vs services received, happiness in being treated like you should because you are everything to us,  solid systems in place to ensure the ongoing successful relationship between us all, and the feeling your getting honest, quality service from a company who cares from day one. 

We hope you will consider us when it comes time to chose a new Janitorial service! Call us for a FREE estimate today!